Neveyah’s Legacy.

This is Neveyah. Nev is a newlywed and is married to Aiden. They just moved into an apartment together and Nev has some news for Aiden. So Aiden you wanna know why I brought you here? A:Yeah! Lets order and eat first then I will let you know what it is. A: Cant wait! A: So […]

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The Birth.

I am in my third trimester now our baby will be born any time soon, i can’t wait to meet our little one.Then it happened my waters broke and i was in labor Akira panicked look at that face! I was hungry okay, i can eat food before giving birth.After all of that was over i […]

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The Museum.

I had decided to visit the museum in San Myshuno, i went there so i could gather some inspiration for my art work. Also i am now in my first trimester of pregnancy and Akira and me are so excited to meet our little one.I tested the bubble blower and had lots of fun blowing […]

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The Wedding.

I was bored so i began reading a book. It was our wedding day finally i couldn’t wait! Tonight Akira and i will be married.“Do you Akira Kibo take Rose Sampson to be your wife?” “I do.” “Do you Rose Sampson take Akira Kibo to be your husband? “I do.” We exchanged rings and had […]

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Saving Up.

Rose and Akira needed to save up money for a wedding so Rose took to painting, searching for collectibles and selling them for cash and when she has gained enough money she will be able to have a wedding. Rose found a few Metal collectibles and i sent them off to the geocouncil and after i […]

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The Proposal.

Akira and I had been spending days and days together and were now Boyfriend and Girlfriend. How does someone so cute and good looking fall in love with me, i have massive ears and an unattractive face. I think maybe Akira saw through all of that and he see’s me for who i really am. […]

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The Uglacy.

Our Heir: Rose Sampson. Rose is Outgoing,Lazy,Goofball and a Muser. Rose ran away from home when her mother and father took her allowance and kicked her out because she was now 18. Moving out Rose had stolen some camping supplies from her fathers shed and moved onto a lot with those. This is Rose’s home. […]

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